The Spartan Brotherhood Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was established on January 15th, 2012. We are a multi-state club. Members consist of Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  The SPARTAN BROTHERHOOD name represents all who are in our club.  We are a club of fraternal Brothers who share a love and passion for riding. We do not judge a man by the uniform he wore or the bike he rides. Our cuts do not make the man, the integrity of the man represents our cuts. We ride in the motorcycle world but participate in the legal system only. Membership in SBLEMC must be earned. The SBLEMC is non-territorial and not a support club; nor surrogate to any other motorcycle club or organization. We are NOT a 1% club but respect all MC and we will give all the same respect that we receive. Our member’s priorities will always be FAMILY, WORK, CLUB. We are dedicated to our mission of supporting the members & their families in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS & Military. We enjoy the Brotherhood of these clubs & will support their events & fundraisers. Our club colors are Black, Scarlet Red & Gold. The 3 colors represent the Bold Courage that must be possessed along with the blood that they have shed and to honor their ultimate sacrifice.


The Spartan Brotherhood name & Logo are TM 2018, Reg. No. 5,479,848, U.S. Reg. No. 4267789, and cannot be duplicated without club approval.